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July 31, 2023 

Chicago Magnesium Casting Co. is excited to announce the opening of our sister company, Midwest Aerospace Casting, in Merrillville, Indiana, this fall.

Hiring events will be held in surrounding areas.  Interested applicants are welcome to apply online using the QR code below or by submitting a resume to

Solid values.  Career growth opportunities.  In-house training.  Competitive benefits.

Exciting things are happening in Merrillville!

►Transforming a basketball fieldhouse to an aerospace foundry

►Currently all drawing and prints have been approved

►Current construction is about 41% completed

►We have ordered new equipment for production of cores, molds and assembly

►The new facility will have some of the latest technology for improvement in quality, safety, and efficiency


July 27, 2023 

Chicago Magnesium Casting Co. now has added capacity to produce cores and molds in Airset. New production lines have been added to the area as well as an additional closing area to support the new 100lb mixer.

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